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Bode Software, indie game developer

Unleash New Realms, Ignite New Adventures

Shadows of The Lost, unreal engine, gaming, pc gaming



Coming to PC


Shadows of The Lost is a dark fantasy action RPG game

set in a world where a powerful and ancient civilization has

been destroyed by an unknown force, leaving behind a land

full of ruins, secrets, and dangerous creatures. The player

takes on the role of a lone adventurer who must explore

this treacherous world, uncovering the lost history of the

civilization and battling against the powerful foes that still

haunt the ruins.


About Our Business

Bode Software is an independent game studio at the forefront of crafting immersive PC and future console experiences. Our journey began with the success in mobile gaming that captivated players with its intense gameplay. Building on this foundation, we are now developing "Shadows of The Lost," a PC soulslike title designed to immerse players in a meticulously crafted dark fantasy world, featuring deep, strategic combat and a rich narrative.  We have other unannounced titles to look forward to as well, with a vision to expand our portfolio to console gaming. Bode Software is dedicated to creating cutting-edge games that push the limits of storytelling, gameplay, and player engagement. Join us on this adventure as we explore new horizons in gaming.

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